Securus Technologies Introduces New Application

Securus Technologies is one of the companies that offer communication solutions to correctional facilities in the United States. The company offers its services to over three thousand correctional centers in the country. Its headquarters are found in Dallas.
Last month, the company announced that it was going to introduce the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application that will help the inmates save a lot of money and time. The application will be found in Connect Us.

Securus Technologies was started several years ago. Its main objective was to continuously provide the best and new technology features to their clients. The Vice President of the company, Russell Roberts believes that the new application found in Connect Us is one of the inventions from the company that will modernize the way things are done in the correctional facilities.

Most of the correctional facilities in the United States use ordinary paper forms for different inmate requests like grievances, acceptance forms, medical, sign up forms and handbooks. The correctional officers in the facilities have to spend a lot of time collecting, distributing logging, routing, filling, copying, responding and restoring these forms from different inmates.

The new application will make things easy for the correctional officers. They will now be able to create any type of form for the different requests in the prisons. It will be very easy to change the forms, and no type of printing will be needed. The application will make real changes in the inmates’ lives.

This is not the first application from the institution. Last year Securus Technologies introduced a new video communication app. In the past, the families and friends of the inmates would travel for long distances and spend many hours in queues waiting to see their loved ones. The video application has made visitation time enjoyable and special for the inmates.

Reasons To Use Evolution of Smooth

Lip balm is very important for the lips because it provides moisture so that the lips can be healthier. However, when people are using lip balm, that is probably not what is on their mind. A lot of people are probably looking for the aesthetic value of what the product does for the lips. Fortunately, lip balm also makes the lips look good. However, it is important for people to actually remember to put the product on. After all, applying lip balm can be a drag. Fortunately, there are products that not only make applying lip balm a lot more effective, but also make it a lot more appealing for the consumer.
This product is Evolution of Smooth, EOS. These sets of lip balm make it easy for people to apply. It also provides a long lasting moisturizing effect on the lips. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the benefits of healthier lips. To make things better, they come with different flavors such as strawberry sorbet, acai, and other flavors. These flavors have just the amount of great taste that will make people want to apply the product over and over again.

Evolution of Smooth or EOS is one of the more innovative products. Many people who use Evolution of Smooth find that the product is actually effective. It not only provides immediate relief from dry and chapped lips, but it also provides long lasting effects so that people do not have to reapply. Evolution of Smooth products can be ordered online on Ulta. These products work a lot more efficiently than the other lip balm products. For one thing, they are created from ingredients like shea butter, which carries a rejuvenating effect. Evolution of Smooth has a lot of benefits for people that buy and use the product because it is made from natural sources.
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Wealth Solutions and Its Respected Richard Blair

For several individuals renting has resulted in problems. There are several concerns to consider when renting out property. Risk is one concern. When you decide to allow tenants into a home there is a possibility of being held accountable for injuries, damage to neighbor’s property, theft, activities that are illegal, and possible lawsuits. Also, tenants can cause complications by refusing to pay. Another concern to be aware of is coverage for insurance. Sometimes, renters that have been renting for a short period of time may not necessarily be covered under many insurance policies. This gives you a higher risk of being responsible and/or liable for expenses associated with paying tenants. Another concern to be aware of is protection. For instance, Airbnb protection and many others are only secondary. Therefore, the protection provided will only be able to kick in when resources become exhausted.

Once you consider all of the issues mentioned above then decide how to proceed with renting out to tenants. However, it is strongly recommended to speak to a professional investment and wealth manager. A great advisor service to look into is Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions aims to help individuals review options and provide guidance equipped to handle various situations. It provides individuals with beneficial economic plans and information regarding assets. Wealth Solutions helps its clients to have positive experiences and results. It offers its clients protected, comprehensive, and established capital management resources. Wealth Solutions aims to provide protected and expert advice regarding finance, unique and customized goals, customized solutions, 24 hour investment availability options, and profound security reassurance.

Financial planning with Wealth Solutions can involve college investment strategy, real estate financing and development, tax investment plans, and an elaborate retirement strategy. Wealth Solutions strongly stands by planning retirement very early. Wealth Solutions also specializes in constructing, developing, financing and handling capital, and establishing the final steps towards retirement.

Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions in 1994. Richard Blair works at Wealth Solutions as a registered investment advisor. He provides amazing unbiased guidance, customized assets, retirement strategies, and capital protection plans. He received his BA at the University of Houston for finance. In Austin, Texas he works with wealthy individuals, families, and small commercial owners within the area. Throughout the years Richard Blair has shown his expertise and knowledge in various areas of investment and finance. In conclusion, Wealth Solutions is an amazing company with expert employees.

How Well Do You Know Your Hair Care Type?

A lot of customers have a unique hair type that needs a special kind of hair solution. You can find that solution with Wen by Chaz Dean. One young lady tried it for the first time and her actual testimonial was documented on Bustle magazine online. Like many other she had a specific hair type that called for a solution that treated breakage. She saw a YouTube ad on Wen by Chaz and decided to use it after she saw the tremendous results on various hair types. She also had thinning hair that she wanted to strengthen and give volume and length too.
After one week she was able to get the results that she desired for a fraction of the cost of a genie in the bottle for her hair or pricey salon visits that don’t work. She used Wen by Chaz and after one week see had the results that she couldn’t achieve with other products. Her hair refused to break off in the shower and she was elated. She got the locks that she had always envisioned and she was proud of the results. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to her friends, family, and other Bustle customers.

Wen by Chaz has the usage amount clearly listed on each bottle so you’ll always get the recommended amount. You can also use it everyday because it is FDA approved for all hair care types. If you’re interested in purchasing their products you can do so online via Amazon or you can order Wen by Chaz over the phone. Either way you’ll get your products conveniently shipped to your door. Wen by Chaz has all natural ingredients with a rich aroma that most women love to smell while they’re getting dressed for work. Visit the Wen by Chaz Dean website [] for more details today.


JustFab: The Company for the People

Whenever you start a company of any kind, you have to ask yourself some tough questions, questions like, “Will people like this product? Will they buy it? Is there a market for it?” After all, the people are your customers and your clients. You have to cater to them, make them happy, and provide them with all of the tools that they need. I know from my own experiences, I can’t stand poor customer service or getting a product and a year later, it doesn’t work anymore. However, with JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have created a product that is made exclusively for the people.

This isn’t something Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done overnight or come up with out of the blue. This is something that has required a lot of careful planning, research, time, and complete and utter dedication. They have consulted with some of the best minds in fashion and done their research. They have done their homework, inside and out, and they have always made sure they have crossed every I and dotted every T. When they did that, Ressler and Goldenberg realized that women weren’t just getting what they wanted when it comes to fashion and especially accessories. They were oftentimes disappointed, frustrated, or feeling like they got a product that wasn’t really what they were looking for, and they felt like they wasted money.

I’m sure you are familiar with a lot of the products that are out there in terms of monthly subscription services which provide products for ladies on I can’t tell you how many women I’ve talked to have bought this service and they aren’t exactly happy with what is in the bag. It just a bunch of items and some items, they love and they really care and other items, they could take them or leave them. They don’t hate them, but they love them. Yet, they are paying this money every month, so one would expect that they would get what they asked for and something that caters to their needs. That is where JustFab of Ressler and Goldenberg comes in.

Each and every product that you get every month for the low price of $39.95 is going to be a product that is going to be just right for you. You are not only going to like it, you are going to love it. You are going to look at it and say, “Yes! That is exactly what I was looking for and then some.” Source:

How This Reputation Management Company Got Their Groove Back.

Status Labs is a company that has focused for a long time on helping to repair the reputations of companies and people all around the world. Their focus has been focused toward online reputation management and it is thanks tot he prevalence of the internet that they’ve been so busy. However, it should be pointed out that even reputation management firms can run into problems of their own. For a brief period of time Status Labs was under scrutiny thanks to the actions of a former employee. How did the company push past this controversy? They did it by employing these special techniques.

CEO Darius Fisher stepped up to the plate during this time of controversy in order to calm the ship and focus on ways that he could improve relations between his company and the local community. After all if Status Labs had had a stronger relationship with the people of Austin, Texas then perhaps they would not be so quick to disqualify the benefit of the doubt. So, Fisher decided to get Status Labs heavily involved with local charities so that they could give back to the community and show just how invested they are with the local people.

After that step was done Fisher knew that they needed to take a long look at the culture from within the company. So, Fisher decided to give back to his employees and put together ways to make the team feel more like, well, a team. This meant that the company began catering lunches every Friday as well as allowing employees to bring well trained pets into the office. The company even began to organize group outings so that they could all get to know each other outside of the confines of the office. This focus on team building made it possible to recognize everyone individually as well as in a group setting.

Status Labs managed to weather the brief storm that clouded their company and since then they’ve helped thousands of other individuals and businesses do the same thing. Reputation crisis can be damaging, but they don’t have to be the death knell of your company.

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Compliance Officers of Growing Importance in Corporate World

In a civilized world, certain industries require strong regulations and observation. At the top of these industries needing regulation is medicine. What is done to our bodies needs severe regulation. Drug and food companies, too, need regulation to assure purity and safety to the consuming public. Other fields and industries seem to be self-regulating or need no strong regulation because of the lack of risk involved within that industry. One industry has come under the microscope lately, and new laws and a new attitude have been formed by consumers toward the financial industry. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) had been softly regulating all things done on Wall Street. But with the Dodd-Frank Law enacted by Congress and a new whistleblower program protecting those who would come forth and report their employers for unfair or illegal dealings, things have drastically changed.
The story of Helane Morrison is a case in point. Trained as an attorney, she began early on in her career working as a member of the SEC. Morrison advanced up the chain of command and was appointed as chief of the San Francisco division of the SEC. Finding San Francisco to her liking, she became associated with Hall Capital where she became the compliance officer and a member of a triumvirate running the company. Obviously, she is a thoroughly educated and experienced person in the realm of SEC rules and running a company in compliance with the newer and tighter restrictions placed on businesses functioning in the area of finances and investing.
The concept of those working on Wall Street is no longer positive. American see them as fat cats using inside information to profit while churning the accounts of their customers earning more commissions for themselves. Many people have lost their life’s saving due to the reckless, thoughtless dealings of corporate raiders who take over companies only to run them into the ground and depleting pension accounts as they add to their own worth. Executives from such plundered companies cannot object as they, too, are recipients of generous “golden parachutes” as the valueless, plundered company seizes to exist. With compliance officers like Helane Morrison in pivotal positions at financial institutions, pensions will be saved and the customer will have a sense of security that hadn’t existed before.

Marc Sparks Begins Venture Shepherd Program

Marc Sparks, businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, lives in Dallas, Texas, and has a commitment to his community. He has supported Habitat for Humanity, the Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless, and the American Can! Academy, a magnet program for Dallas area high-schoolers.

He is currently writing a book about business and personal achievement but has an idea that is taking shape all over the civilized world. The idea is helping fledgling companies or just people with a great idea with their development by offering physical space, cooperative managerial support, and even money. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

This new concept recognizes that ideas have great power, but these ideas need help, and Marc Spark is offering help. Spark Tank is a play on words of a popular business concept started on the BBC years ago in 2005 named Dragon’s Den in which a group of wealthy business people listened to the business ideas and concepts of those without the money to pursue their dream.

Marc Spark’s idea helps connect ideas with money or just gives a person the opportunity to develop their concept in a business environment which would not be available for the average young person with only an idea to try to sell. Very successful businesses have started from very humble beginnings.

Apple started in a garage. Now with the introduction of this Spark Tank idea, the struggling conceptual person, the new embodiment of a Steve Jobs, does not have to rely on the early stage production of the product to guarantee his future success.

Now an idea has worth by itself, naked, without proof of its merit. This very new concept endorsed by Sparks and the Spark’s Tank seems to seamlessly present a brotherhood, a fraternity, to the inventor or concept person.

It creates a positive environment where an idea can take final form among like-minded individuals, and grow by the idea being supported by investors related to the group. The term win-win could not be better applied to anything or any concept imaginable.

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Does Igor Cornelsen Think Brazil Banks Are Ready for Global Prestige?

Brazil might have been considered a developing nation by some in the 1970s. Since then, the nation has made dramatic strides into becoming an industrialized nation. Does Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen think Brazil banks are ready for increased influence on the world stage?

“Controlling Inflation”

Before 2000, Brazil had impressive growth rates, but also suffered from high inflation. It was a bit like trying to run on a treadmill – “it was tough to get anywhere.”

Brazil President Lula da Silva helped modernize the nation by managing inflation in 2008: ‘ “Inflation remains under control, in the range of the government’s target”, said Lula da Silva in direct reference to this year’s 4.5% Central Bank goal, plus/minus two points. ‘ Lula continued – “We want to increase the production of food, increase the production of meat, milk, beans, rice because the more we produce the greater food security we’ll have and we will also have the fairest prices”.

Rich individuals did not see their wealth erode after inflation was controlled. The poor had cheaper food. International investors like Igor Cornelsen were attracted to a stable Brazil.

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Igor Cornelsen, Financial Services

“Gaining International Prestige”

The next stage was reached with the World Cup and Olympics. These showed the world that Brazil could host a major international event. Naturally, this increased the prestige of Brazil.

“Brazil Banks Have High Growth Rates”

The New York Times and Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen have shown international investors that when considering return on investment (ROI) – Brazilian banks are tops in the world. “Bank earnings made up more than half of the total profits for companies on the São Paulo stock exchange in both 2013 and 2014, according to the consulting firm Economatica.” An Interview of CNBC to Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen explains how to profit from Brazil investments.

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Beneful is Producing Great Food for Pets

I have really been impressed with the way that dog food has been improving over the last several years. It has become easier to buy good dog food because there is a bigger focus on quality. Some companies are producing organic dog food. Others are including things like duck, salmon and lamb in their dog food. I think that Beneful has done a good job of making people recognize that dogs need vitamins and vegetables to grow healthier.
I see that this company is doing a lot to improve the health of dogs with the Beneful Healthy Radiance. I think that the Beneful Healthy Weight and the Beneful Healthy Puppy are also dog foods that can help pet owners improve the health of their dogs. I know that this dog food has been around Amazon long enough to make people appreciate what the Beneful brand has been doing for dogs.

The Beneful brand is better than the rest that I have seen because it has better ingredients. This brand has food like the Beneful Healthy Harvest. There is also the Beneful Healthy Weight. These goods have real vegetable accents and real meal ingredients. These are also moist and chewy foods that my dogs are able to digest easily. That has made me a fan of the Beneful brand.

Beneful has been able to transform over the years and become a brand that is known primarily for hearty and healthy dog food meals. I think that there are so many meals like Beneful Healthy Weight and Beneful Healthy Radiance that are going to become popular because dogs are in need of more nutrients. As a nation of dog food owners we are finding out that the dog food industry is changing for the better.

It has been interesting to see the way that Beneful has even managed to add wholesome grains to the Beneful Hugs. The developers of these foods have also added peanut butter to the Beneful Snackers. These are Beneful snacks [] that are rather wholesome and delightful for pets. I think that this company is producing great food for dogs. Beneful products can be found on most Walmart supermarkets.